Individual honors

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NJCAA all-American

1978 - Lance Platz (infield) honorable mention

NJCAA Division II all-Americans

1998 - Jamie Tepley (designated hitter) third team

2002 - Travis Rima (outfield) third team

2004 - Andrew Plemmons (outfield) third team

2005 - Anthony Alberts (infield) third team

2006 - Danny Reed (outfield) first team

2007 - Tom Heithoff (designated hitter) third team

2008 - Erik Smith (infield) second team

2015 - Robbie Glendinning (infield) second team

2016 - Malique Ziegler (outfield) first team

2019 - Fox Leum (infield) third team

NIACC all-region performers


Bob Lemon (infield/catcher), first team

Fred Ginapp, honorable mention

Chuck Malek, honorable mention


Dale Greimann (catcher)

Scott Bothwell (pitcher) honorable mention


Jim King (outfield) first team

Jim Frank (infield) honorable mention

Scott Bothwell (pitcher) honorable mention

All-Northeast sub-regional selections

Randy Schultz (catcher)

Jim Frank (infield)

Jim King (outfield)

Scott Bothwell (pitcher)


All-Northeast sub-regional selections

Brad Uhlenhopp (first base)

Brian Tigges (second base)

Steve Lugan (outfield)


All-Northeast sub-regional selections

Mark Van Lent (infield)

Brian Tigges (second base)

Steve Lugan (outfield)


All-North sub-regional selections

Chris Scuffham (infield)

Shane Nelson (outfield)


Jamie Tepley (designated hitter) first team

Neil Francois (third base) second team


Matt Ungs (infield) first team

Travis Rima (outfield) first team

Clint Cummings (infield) second team

Travis Kester (outfield) second team


Anthony Alberts (infield) first team

Tommy Mousel (infield) first team

Nick Hoskyn (designated hitter) first team

Steve Salas (pitcher) first team

Jesse Seykora (infield) second team

Justin Johnson (outfield) second team

Danny Reed (outfield) second team

Matt O'Brien (pitcher) honorable mention

Chris Harang (designated hitter) honorable mention


Tommy Mousel (infield) first team

Beau Ellingson (infield) first team

Danny Reed (outfield) first team (ICCAC player of the year)

Kyle Rehnstrom (catcher) second team

Marcus Lunning (designated hitter) second team

Luke Kalb (pitcher) second team

Justin Johnson (outfield) second team

Tom Heithoff (infield) second team

Casey Johnson (infield) honorable mention

Brian Prusinski (pitcher) honorable mention


Tom Heithoff (infield/pitcher) first team (ICCAC player of the year)

Alex Rehnstrom (infield) second team

Jeremy Ische (catcher) second team

Jason Hunt (outfield) second team

Casey Johnson (infield) second team

Zack Welter (pitcher) second team


Erik Smith (infield) first team

John Lee (designated hitter) second team

Tony Younis (infield) honorable mention


Jordan Rishavy (outfield) honorable mention

Jordan Buenting (infield) honorable mention


Shaun McGuire (pitcher) second team

Jordan Huffman (infield) honorable mention

Joe Peters (catcher) honorable mention

Santiago Morales (outfield) honorable mention


Jordan Huffman (infield) first team

Eddy Diosdado (outfield) second team

Nate Pilasinski (infield) second team

Nick Tillo (outfield) honorable mention


Tyler Peterson (infield) first team

Nick Tillo (outfield) first team

Hunter King (infield) honorable mention

Tim Black (pitcher) honorable mention

Jose Perez (infield) honorable mention


Drew Verstegen (outfield) first team

Lucas Bakker (pitcher) second team

Max Waletich (infield) honorable mention

Ryan Voves (outfield) honorable mention

Nick Veale (pitcher) honorable mention


Ryan Moran (infield) first team

Brett Guba (infield) second team

Daniel Bradley (outfield) honorable mention


Robbie Glendinning (infield) first team

Daniel Bradley (outfield) first team

Luke Becker (infield) first team

Juan De La Cruz (catcher/first base) second team

Spencer Halloran (outfield) second team

Quinn Ahern (pitcher) second team

Riley Pollard (relief pitcher) second team

Troy Bullingham (outfield) honorable mention


Malique Ziegler (outfield) first team (ICCAC player of the year)

Blake Whitecotton (catcher) first team

Troy Bullingham (outfield) first team

Dan Loats (pitcher) second team

Derek Lieurance (pitcher) second team

Danny Beizer (pitcher) second team

Robbie Glendinning (infield) second team

Jonathan Cruz (infield) second team

Brandon Michie (infield/outfield) second team

Spencer Halloran (outfield) second team

Austin LaDoux (infield) honorable mention


Bryce Ball (infield) first team

Brandon Michie (infield) second team

Connor Enochs (infield) second team

Matt Schwarz (outfield) second team

Mitch Neunborn (designated hitter) second team

Chase Stewart (pitcher) honorable mention


Brandon Williamson (pitcher) first team

Joey Werner (outfield) first team

Kamrin Arons (infield) first team

Spencer Chirpich (pitcher) second team

Ben Komonosky (catcher) honorable mention

Tom Skoro (pitcher) honorable mention

Shane Kelleher (infield) honorable mention

Nate VanKan (outfield) honorable mention


Michael Oh (pitcher) first team

Fox Leum (infield) first team

Ben Fitzgerald (outfield) honorable mention

Will Sturek (outfield) honorable mention